New Safety Precautions

June 30, 2021

Safety Considerations

We take your safety seriously. Please review the following list when considering a visit to the club.

*Our heating and air conditioning system uses 100% fresh outside air – that is, no recycled air. In addition, we have four air filters, one in each corner of the lounge, which continuously clean the air with Merv 13 filters and ensure that the flow of air in the club is up and to the ceiling. Please note the following from the EPA website on ventilation and viruses.

”An important approach to lowering the concentrations of indoor air pollutants or contaminants including any viruses that may be in the air is to increase ventilation – the amount of outdoor air coming indoors. Ensuring proper ventilation with outside air can help reduce the concentration of airborne contaminants, including viruses, indoors.”

*We are listening club and do not allow dancing.

*We no longer sell individual seat tickets. Only entire tables may be purchased so that you will only be in the immediate presence of those known to you.

*We will have an orderly entrance and exit plan.


New Rules For Table Purchase/Admission

November 30, 2020

Rules for Table Purchase

By purchasing your table at Scat Jazz Lounge you agree to the following:

*Age requirement is 21 & up.

*No smoking or vaping of any kind allowed.

*Masks will be worn at all times unless you are seated at your table.

*You will practice social distancing when not at your table.

*Your admission is only good for the show you purchased.

*Two drink minimum.

*Your table will be released if no one from your party has arrived within 20 minutes of show time. No refunds.

*No ins and outs.

*You may not switch or move to other tables.

*No congregating away from your table.

*Dancing and use of dance floor prohibited.

*There are no refunds for any reason except if the show is cancelled.

*As per state regulations, last call for alcohol is at 11 p.m.

*If you have purchased a ticket for the first seating, you must relinquish your table immediately following the band performance and follow exiting instructions per our floor staff.

*Business casual and up is the dress code – no ball caps or torn clothing allowed.

*No reservations or alterations will be taken over the business phone.


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